Five Small Businesses I found at Alt Summit

The Alt Summit is "THE premiere conference for creative entrepreneurs and stylish social media influencers." - from their website. So even though it's not specifically for the weddings or photography industries, there were a lot of fresh education opportunities that I found useful for running a small business. What I most enjoyed from the summit was meeting and learning about so many businesses (all women-owned!) that I would not typically get to know. There are a few I'm sharing here that stood out for me and thought might be useful for clients in ways I might not know yet. 


Chasing Paper

Removable wallpaper with modern, fresh designs. I love this! I am thinking this could be great for a photo shoot or for a special event. I love their chalkboard option. If you are a renter, this is a must have. 


The Fostermoms

This is a beautiful blog with purposely vague photos of the life of a "mixed-race queer family of five" that addresses so many of the hard challenges facing parents. Their posts are rooted in their devotion to social change, and they face the hard questions with courage. It's lovely and inspiring. 


Video Pop

Video Pop is online courses for creating video for entrepreneurs. I would love to learn more about video, and I met Andrea Corson the first night. She is the expert, and I will look into taking one of these soon. 


Silver Trailer

After traveling across the country this past summer, I love seeing these trailers redone and repurposed for all kinds of uses. This company refurbishes them and rents them out for events and...whatever. When I spoke with the owner, she said that they have plans to expand the business to the East Coast, so let's hope that happens soon! 


California Lustre

This small but not insignificant company made a big impact at the summit mostly because their branding is so spot on and well paired with their products. They make custom-cut acrylic dink stirrers, cake toppers and signs. All have the mid-century modern feel to them. Very cute! 


Thanks for reading, and thanks to the Alt Summit for a great week in Palms Springs, CA.