AVAM Wedding: Aliza and Dan

As much as being kind and thinking of others represents counterculture, AVAM provided a perfect locale for Aliza and Dan, as a place dedicated to those who create no matter what the rules are. Aliza and Dan also "do their own thing" in terms of spreading love and affection. Witnessing their wedding, and their families and friends, it was easy to see the loving environment they came from, as well. 

They did away with many of the standard conventions of a wedding, emphasizing the things they liked and the atmosphere they wanted to create, one focused on the party and the people there. In short, it was fun. Supported by a fine band, everyone danced with energy until the end. (Dan, especially, retained fine skills throughout the entire night. How did he do that?!) Aliza and Dan did away with the cake and instead had a pie. And near sundown, we made a few images of them outside, in the relative quiet of the evening. 

Thank you, both, Aliza and Dan, for inviting me to photograph your wedding.

AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0001.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0002.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0003.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding groomsmen portrait.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding Party portrait.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding program and bouquet.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0007.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding Ceremony.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding Jewish ceremony.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding bride and groom processional.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding portraits in museum.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0012.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding pink and orange floral centerpieces.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding hora.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding Hora in JRVC Building.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding Reception hora.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0017.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding sweetheart table.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0019.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0020.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0021.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding_0025.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding outdoor bride groom portraits.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding reception dancing.jpg
AVAM Baltimore Wedding reception in JRVC Building.jpg

Venue: American Visionary Art Museum | Coordinator: Vanessa Young, JPB Designs | Bridal Shop: Love & Lace | Hair + Makeup: StyleMeBar | Suit: Suit Supply | Florist: Local Color Flowers | Caterer: Rouge Fine Catering | Entertainment: Infusion, Washington Talent Agency | Lighting: Event Dynamics