Amanda Bowen Joins Love Life Images As Newest Associate

The Love Life Images team is so excited to announce and welcome talented photographer Amanda Bowen as our newest Associate Photographer! Amanda has a background in videography and sports photography- two things that have allowed her to craft a skill set that is perfect for documenting weddings. Whether on the sidelines, or in a bridal suite, or a packed dance floor, Amanda is ready to capture all the peak moments of every action-packed event she is assigned.

Amanda is available to book for Fall 2019 weddings and into 2020, so contact us today to book her for your wedding day!

What is your background in photography?

Growing up I always had a camera around, filming videos and taking photos with friends, but I hadn't considered still photography as anything outside of a hobby. When I fell in love with hockey in 2010, I wanted to find a way to work in the industry and photography was the most accessible way to do so at the time. Once I took my first DSLR hand-me-down camera to a game it changed my world. I started taking photos at Capitals practices and began building my photography skills just as the players sharpened their skills on the ice. I worked for a blog that covered the Capitals for several years, before interning with the Washington Redskins and that opened the door to the pro sports industry. Today, I still work opportunities for the Redskins, but my main job is with MLB and the Nationals, and this fall I’ll be going into my second season with the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens. Sports has always stood out to me because of the emotions and stories captured and how you get to find the beauty in such grit. Outside of sports I've been providing an array of photography services from portraits to events. I started photographing weddings over a year ago, and because I’ve worked with a video production company since 2016 editing wedding videos, photographing them came naturally. Weddings became my second love of photography. In sports we have to capture moments that only happen once, emotions that we’ll only see in full swing once, and it’s the exact same for weddings. I think that challenge is why I love both of them so much—it keeps you energized and always on your toes. I’m so thankful to be able to do this as my career because there’s always room to learn and challenges to overcome, but there’s just something amazing about capturing moments and stories that not everyone gets to. 


What do you love about photographing weddings?

I love the positive and joyful energy, it’s contagious and always makes it a blast! I also love the relationships built between the photographer, the couple, and their families. You capture their entire wedding day and are part of the family by the end of it. That close relationship helps bring out the couple in their photos, and it just makes our job even more enjoyable. Delivering the images to the bride and groom is so special, seeing their reactions to the memories frozen in time makes every effort worth it. 


What photographer has inspired you the most?

I could never name just one. I am always exploring new creators on Instagram and getting inspired every day. Some of my absolute favorites are: Mark Blinch (@mblinch), Matt Dirksen (@dirksenphoto), Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez (@panthersphotog), Shawn Hubbard (@shawn_hubbard), Andy Kenutis (@Vikingsphotog), Mackenzie K Frank (, Cato K Cataldo (@catocataldo), Aaron Doster (@doster), Matt Starkey (@brownsphotog), Nick Brown (@nc.brown), and many more!


What is your dream job in photography?

My dream in photography is to be a team photographer in professional sports and do weddings on the side. I love both so much so being connected with both kinds of photography would amazing! 


Why would someone hire you to document their wedding?

These photos are moments that are going to last forever for the couple and their families, and that gives us photographers such purpose. My whole career has been about capturing moments that only happen once and I strive to be the best at preserving those memories. I love getting to know couples and building a friendship that helps them bring out their true selves during a session. I want to work with couples to create images that they envision as well as ones they never knew they wanted until they saw it. I want to be the one they feel they can trust with a once in a lifetime moment, the one they can depend on and be there to support them. I want to help make their wedding the most amazing day of their lives!