5 Unique Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Our team of Baltimore and Washington, DC wedding photographers have met with hundreds of couples over the past 15 years, and answered even more questions. Aside from the standard questions about packages, pricing and policies, that you should ask any photographer you consider hiring for your wedding, we love when the questions go a bit deeper into how we work and what a couple should expect on their wedding day from us. Here are a few unique questions we think are great to ask while interviewing photographers for your wedding:

1. Will you give us direction for posing during our portrait session? Most people tend to get shy or uncomfortable when in front of the camera. Especially on a wedding day, when you could be photographed for 8 hours or more! We have some go-to poses and tricks up our sleeve to make you relax and forget we are there. Knowing that your photographer will help you relax and give you instructions will make for a smooth portrait session that will result in beautiful images.


2. How do you handle posed photos with family members? It’s good to know what the plan is for group photos on the wedding day. Everyone will be anxious to get to cocktail hour, so knowing your photographer can take charge and wrangle a crowd will put you at ease.

3. What will you wear at my wedding? Some photographers have a standard working outfit. We go for comfortable footwear, attire that won’t snag up in our gear and allows us to move freely to get the best angles. We’ve been known to lay down in the grass or climb up on ladders for the right photo! But we’ll still be dressed professionally, in something that allows us to blend into the background and not stand out on your wedding day. 


4. Will you submit my wedding to a magazine or blog? Most photographers will blog about your wedding on their company’s blog- it’s how we attract clients and show off our recent work. If your wedding has some unique elements to it, they may want to show it off to a larger audience and submit it to a local or national blog or magazine. It’s great exposure for your vendor team, and will give inspiration to other couples planning their own wedding. But everyone has different privacy levels, so discuss this before you hire your photographer so everyone is comfortable with how the photos will be used after the wedding day. 

5. Do you have any problems with guests taking their own professional pictures? You are hiring a professional photographer to document one of the biggest days in your life, so let them do their job. We don't have a problem with family and friends taking photos throughout the day- they are excited for the couple too- but we can't let that interfere with our getting the best shot. Everyone has a smart phone these days, so it's nice when couples ask guests to 'unplug' and just fully enjoy their wedding. 

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