5 Insightful Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

As Washington, DC and Baltimore wedding photographers for over 15 years, we have met with thousands of couples and have gotten even more questions about our work and style of photography. We love great questions! Aside from the standard questions about packages, pricing and policies, here are a few we think are great to ask while interviewing photographers for your wedding:

1. Describe your style and approach to wedding photography. There are so many photographers in the wedding industry and they will all have a different approach to a wedding day that will shine through in the images they create. Know what style of images you are drawn to- whether that be film or digital, photojournalistic or classic- and be sure your photographer works in that style to deliver the types of photos you want. Do you want to tell a story as the day unfolds? Or have more posed, artistic photos? 

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2. What distinguishes you from other photographers? Know what sets your photographer apart from the rest of the crowd. Past experiences shape how each photographer sees the world and will translate into how they capture your wedding day. 

3. Do you plan to do any workshops this year? It’s good to know if your photographer is continuing their education and furthering their storytelling skills. Also, if they will be out of town leading up to your wedding and what will the communication be like during that time. 

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4. Is there a photographer that inspires you? Who does your photographer aspire to be or photograph like? They will bring this inspiration to your wedding day. It may also tell you why your photographer wanted to become a photographer in the first place.

5. What part of the wedding day do you most enjoy photographing? Some photographers shine at reception and dancing photos. Some love staging portraits with family and friends. Others may love the getting ready portion of the day and capturing the bride putting on her wedding gown.

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