Matchmaking 101: How to create a dream team for your Virginia wedding

When you start planning your wedding, you may feel overwhelmed. Don't worry; that's totally understandable! There are so many details to consider and vendors to find, from venues to caterers to planners and a hair and makeup team. Ideally, you hope to find the best team of wedding professionals for your unique event, so you can simply enjoy it without worrying. You may not know where to start. That's why we want to help! In our experience, it's all about creating relationships with your team. In many ways, it's like matchmaking. So here's our matchmaking 101 guide to creating your Virginia wedding dream team.


Finding the right team to help you create an amazing wedding is all about relationships. Just because someone – or some company – can “get the job done” doesn’t mean that they “get YOU!” So, be picky. Seek out team members who understand your vision and get along with you, your partner and key family members. You'll spend a lot of time working with these team members, so you want to enjoy each interaction.

Don't be afraid to meet multiple wedding professionals who offer the same service. That way, you can identify the one that's the right fit for you and your vision. Ask lots of questions to be sure each company understands what you envision for your wedding and what they will do to make that happen. No question is too small – ask away! And don't forget to ask which wedding pros they recommend.

Virginia wedding dream team Virginia wedding dream team


Make sure you find folks who love to talk to you – whether it’s by phone, in-person, email, or even text. The medium isn’t as important as the message. After all, there are lots of moving pieces in wedding planning. When your team communicates openly and effectively, your wedding will be seamless and fun for everyone!

VA dream team VA dream team VA dream team

You are bound to have lots of questions during the planning process, and your wedding team members should be receptive when you need them. You may need to make some changes to certain details of your event, or alter the timeline, and your team should be accessible and up-to-date on all aspects of your wedding.


When you find someone who makes you feel comfortable, and at ease in hectic situations, stick with them! You'll know them when you come across them. It goes back to the chemistry component we listed above. Those are the types of people you’re going to love having on your team during your wedding planning process. They’ll make you smile, even when you’re making multiple decisions at once.

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A wedding planner can be a great resource in keeping your experience stress-free, whether you partner with them for the entire planning process, or just a day-of coordinator. Remember, these pros have years of experience making events run smoothly and you won't have to worry about anything. That's always a relief!

Your wedding team is also a great wedding planning resource. As mentioned above, they are all wedding pros who are well-versed in this business and have great connections. Ask them for recommendations; you might find a great band or incredible caterer through your planner or florist. It's all connected in the wedding world.

VA dream team VA dream team

The team at Love Life Images understands how hectic wedding planning can be. That’s why we created this blog post for you!