AVAM Wedding: Liz and Adam

Liz and Adam are good people, and they filled their wedding with even more good people. At events like theirs, I just relax and enjoy the waves of cheer, joy, dancing, conversation, and gestures. Although a little self-conscious, they (like every other couple) had no difficulty paying attention to each other, and not to me. One of the fruits of that attention is the first image below, and I found many like it. 

Liz and Adam wanted a wedding that focused on the joy, and not the stuff that can sometimes clutter such a big event. They got what they wanted--and eschewed what they didn't find necessary; as a photojournalist, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to spend more time capturing them, and the people they gathered to celebrate their wedding. And, to add, I've never before been to a wedding where the party included playing the limbo with a human being as the bar. (I imagine this is much more fun than a regular workout class, fitness instructors take note...)

They spend their professional lives helping others, and as I met more of their guests, I could see how their community of friends and family both supported and helped create such a commitment. For Liz and Adam, I could say the stars were aligned, but have chosen their particular stretch of sky together. Congrats to you both, and may you have a life of wonder.  

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Ceremony and Reception Location: American Visionary Art Museum | Coordinator: Vanessa Young | Dress Designer: Etoile | Shoes: Billy Ella | Florist: My Flower Box Events | Caterer: Rouge Catering | Officiant: Rabbi Brant Rosen | Entertainment: DJ Justin K, Music Masters | Lighting: Event Dynamics | Invitations: Paperless Post | Honeymoon location: Japan and Vietnam