Backyard Virginia Wedding: Emily + Eric

Congratulations Emily and Eric! They chose to have their gathering at an aunt and uncle's home, and that provided the backdrop for a lovely and warm ceremony and reception. Emily and Eric looked fantastic, and I believe that is because they chose to have the event their way--and communicated to me how they wanted to photograph the day. They aren't picture people, but they had a love to show. There at the house, with family and close friends around them, provided the perfect way for them to celebrate each other, and the family and friends they brought together. (I'm sure that the excellent food also helped!) I'd love to see more moments like those below, with the chuppa outside along with the dance floor. Also, I thought it pretty classy to include a dual-glass shattering moment at the end of the ceremony!

Private Home Wedding_0001.jpg
Private Home Wedding_0002.jpg
Private Home Wedding_0003.jpg
Private Home Wedding_0004.jpg
Private Home Wedding_0005.jpg
Private Home Wedding_0006.jpg
Private Home Wedding_0007.jpg
Private Home Wedding_0008.jpg
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Private Home Wedding_0026.jpg

Ceremony + Reception Location: Private home in Leesburg, Virginia | Catering: Eat & Smile | Entertainment: The Naked Mountain Boys