Cosmos Club Wedding of T + O

When I met T+O during their engagement session, they told me that they wanted to give me the freedom to make good photos, but photographing them made it easy. They looked so good, had so much style, and fit together so well that it was a joy to be there with them. They looked excited, but confident in this big step in their lives, and I think that it shows.

Although some of my colleagues prefer veils, I'll take a crown of flowers on a bride any day. T pulled it off perfectly, and looks the picture of Spring. O has a dashing look that I knew I wanted to photograph. And as for the venue, I'm a sucker for a good staircase. The photograph of O on the stairs below T, looking up, is one of my favorites. 

Congratulations, T+O! 

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Ceremony and Reception Location:  | Bridal Shop: BHLDN | Dress Designer: BHLDN | Shoes: Jimmy Choo |

Hair: Dry Bar | Makeup: Blue Mercury | Florist: Enchanted Florist | Caterer: The Cosmos Club |

Cake: Fluffy Thoughts | Officiant: Rabbi Jonathan Roos | Ceremony music: The Bride’s Cousin |

Reception music: Shews-ical Entertainment | Honeymoon location: Mallorca