Decatur House Wedding: Britt + Christopher

I had been looking forward to this wedding for a while. Britt and Christopher made the unusual request for a photo shoot the day before, and that told me they wanted good images and that they had prepared to make it happen. We took a hike in Rock Creek Park during a very busy day for them, and it became abundantly clear: these two were great to work with!

On their wedding day, the good light seemed to follow us around. Before the ceremony at Christ Church, I saw the image in my mind's eye that you see, below, of Britt sitting on the couch about as regal and happy as could be. I like it even more because of one of the images that came after it--in contrast, there's a bit of nervousness that is its own kind of beautiful in the photograph of Britt being attended to while she adds the finishing touches to her dress. It's a bit of nervousness that comes from being overwhelmed, and happy at the same time. 

Christopher presented a less emotive outer appearance, but as usual, we cracked that as well. In all truth, it's easy when one has a couple who's so good together. It pleased me to see that I actually caught the fist-bump Christopher made walking out of the church with Britt. Again, it's a study in contrasts that highlights a person's inner joy. Seated beforehand, Christopher signs the certificate with all businesslike manner, and the fist-bump shows the inside we love to see. While I'm on the subject, I'm grateful for good, teasing toasts that give me photos like the one of Christopher being roasted.

For almost five years, I worked in Decatur House as the house photographer, and I felt the space has been underutilized for so long. This time, I had the chance to make the photos I wanted. We were tight on time--we knew that--but the lights and the labor had been prepared beforehand--in about 15 minutes, I think we made some of the best wedding portraits done in that space. I'm particularly fond of the wide shot in the main parlor--the fact that I made it just slightly off-square gives me the satisfaction of keeping some attention on the couple, and not letting the architecture take over the whole shot. They lean into each other, and I like that.

On the dance floor, I knew a dip was coming. (Yes, I saw them practice, but I knew it was coming, anyway!) I liked their style and I wanted it to come through. It did, and I'm grateful for the bit of luck along with the planning ahead that made it all happen. 

As a side note, I photographed this wedding with a second shooter, Ingrid, and an assistant/partial shooter, Nick. As a team, we are only getting better. Thank to you both for making it a great night to be a wedding photographer. 

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Ceremony Location: Christ Church | Reception Location: Decatur House | Coordinator: Rebecca O'Donnell, Blue Canary Events and Katie Wannen, The Plannery | Bridal Shop: Elaya Vaughn by Kate Pankoke | Shoes: Gucci | Hair + Makeup: Modern Bridal Studio | Florist: Love Blooms | Caterer: Main Event Caterers | Cupcakes: Lavender Moon Cupcakery | Transportation: RMA Limo | Officiant: Heather VanDeventer, Associate Rector at Christ Church | Ceremony music: Jason Abel, Organist at Christ Church | Reception music: The Amaretto Band | Lighting: John Farr Lighting | Invitations: Paper Pilot Studio | Honeymoon location: French Polynesia