My Experience with Musea Gathering

First and foremost I’m an artist. I’ve always envisioned that I have a message to convey. Whether it be to myself, my clients or to the world, I long to tell a story. Continuing my growth as an artist and storyteller is important to me. I want to avoid becoming stagnant and avoid burnout. I want this artistic medium to be properly sustained and nurtured in my life.

A workshop that came highly recommended to me was Musea Gathering, founded by Michael Howard. Musea’s vision, “…a company that challenges the status quo and creates a better future for photographers.” They work to inspire photographers and help them create positive change in the world.


I was ready for this type of message. I signed up for Musea Gathering 2014 in NYC. With my portfolio in hand, I arrived in New York ready for some inspiration and a stern kick in the butt.


Musea was only a couple days, but the amount of information, insight and inspiration I received in such a short time was incredible. We had five fantastic instructors, who offered their unique perspective on the business of being a photographer and how to make photography sustainable in your life by seeking inspiration from other artists, new and old, and encouraged the participation in more personal projects. The environment was welcoming, supportive and more intimate as the group of photographer students was small. I loved the small group as this gave us more opportunity to really get to know each. We developed a little community and took the conversation of photography outside of the classroom over lunches and dinner. We were together so briefly, but by the end it felt much longer.


One of the things I was most looking forward to (and most nervous about) was the portfolio review. I’m used to people reviewing my portfolio every time I have a client meeting, but to have an audience of experienced photographers was nerve-wracking, yet exciting. Upon reviewing my work, everyone had a different perspective, but had a common theme. After hearing it repeated, I could finally see it myself. Ah, to have the dots finally connected! The vision, although still developing, is becoming clear.


I walked away from this experience feeling inspired, renewed, and excited. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this workshop, grateful for the educators, and grateful for the students who were so honest and shared a part of themselves with the group. I’m so grateful to now be a part of the online Musea community so I can get new insights, get support and grow as a photographer. It’s nice to be involved with a group of like minded individuals that could care less about the newest photography gimmicks, and who’s focus is getting back to the heart of the art. Which is the reason I became a photographer in the first place. The lessons I learned, the “aha” moments that I had, the inspiration I accumulated left me with my cup full.H47A5797Side note:  It's a happy day when you get to see a relative or friend who no longer lives close by. My baby brother, Jonathan, who now lives in Boston was able to connect with me during his New York trip. I almost forgot how much I miss him...H47A5753

 Elisha Maria