Day in the Life 2015

Every fall we set aside one day to document our lives. It's a chance to take a break from weddings, and focus on a small personal project. We turn the cameras on ourselves and our lives, reminding ourselves what it's like to be in front of the camera and freeze small moments in time for us to look back on later. It's an opportunity to make beautiful and amazing images out of the seemingly mundane routine of everyday life and to document our personal history and passage of time. We enjoy looking back on past years and seeing how our lives have changed from year to year- whether it be a new house or the welcoming of a baby or just growing a bit older. Last fall was the busiest wedding season for Love Life to date, and as we are gearing up for a busy spring of 2016, we are finally sharing last year's project.

We hope you enjoy these slideshows from the team behind Love Life Images. May they give you a little insight into who we really are beyond just wedding photographers.

(Click each image below to view the slideshows.)

Day in the Life Photography _Dag

Day in the Life Photography _Elisha Coleman

Jennifer Domenick


2015.09.23 A DAY IN THE LIFE


Day in the Life Photography _Jamie

Day in the Life Photography _Miranda