Hummingbird Wedding: Caitlin and Jason

Pound for pound, Caitlin and Jason’s family and friends out party their normal competitors, if they cared about such social conventions—which they don’t. The proof of their enthusiasm is the SnapShot Studio frame counter, which weddings of a 100 guests don’t typically push into three digits. Caitlin and Jason’s people almost don’t need a photographer, just a remote camera trigger. I basically filled in the gaps.

Caitlin and Jason have been together for a long time, and so this was a party more than a wedding to them. Goofy, wise-cracking, joke-telling, get-to-the-punchline-I-DO, I found no real line between when the wedding started and the party ended. It reminded me of a play that starts out in the audience, but remains there. Some of my favorite dancing photos, yet, have come from this wedding (thank you, boys, for going out into the rain.) When the song said, “Jump,” jumping was had. When the song said, “Respect,” the response was, “Damn straight.” (At least in spirit.) Take a look at the photos. There’s plenty of evidence.

It was a joy to be there. Thank you both, Caitlin and Jason, for inviting me this great party, and the wedding thing, too.

Hummingbird VA Wedding_0001.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding portraits.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding_0003.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding outdoor ceremony.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding_0005.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding ceremony.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding rings exchange.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding_0008.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding toast.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding waterfront portrait.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding reception dancing.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding reception.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding_0013.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding_0014.jpg
Hummingbird VA Wedding_0015.jpg

Venue: Hummingbird Restaurant | Venue Coordinator: Maria Chicas | Bridal Shop: BLHDN | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Hair: Geneva, XYZ Salon | Makeup: Angela Spicer | Cake: Happy Tart Bakery |