Wedding Photography Advice: Cake Cutting

Jennifer Domenick Love Life Images Did you know that there is a traditional cake-cutting pose? It looks like this:

cake-cutting photo

The bride and groom hold the knife together and look at the camera. While there really isn’t anything wrong with this photo, its not the photo I’m looking for from the cake cutting. I like something more like this:

cake-cutting photo

cake-cutting photo cake-cutting photo cake-cutting photo

I love how it feels and looks more real than the posed shot. To me, it’s more interesting.

So when it comes time to cut your cake or eat your cupcakes, I won’t ask you to pose. In fact, if you don’t cut the cake perfectly, I think it will make for a better moment. So just go for it! Sometimes the staff will pose you and we’ll just have to take that photo, but I’ll try to tell them beforehand not to tell you how to stand. They like to plate the cake for you, too, but I prefer you to do it so they don’t end up in your photo: this is your day, not theirs! I try to keep them from interfering, but it doesn’t always work. So, just have fun with it and don’t worry too much about making it perfect – secretly I’m hoping you do smash it because what a great photo op:

cake-cutting photo

Jennifer Domenick Love Life Images