New logo, new branding on the horizon for Love Life Images

Our blogging typically slows this time of year, but this winter we've been particularly quiet. But by no means has that been because we haven't been busy. In the background, there have been a ton of changes (more on that later). We're getting ready to launch new branding including a new logo and website. It's been a ton of work and a lot of soul searching to find the brand that really tells the story about who we are and what we do. It's a process that takes time. It cannot be rushed and every step is important to take purposely and thoughtfully. I've been using some alternative versions of the logo in our watermarked images, but I haven't released the full version of the brand yet, that comes shortly. In the meantime, I thought you might like to understand where the inspiration for our new branding came from. I love everything about Adele. I love her timeless, elegant sophisticated beauty. I love her soulful, rich mesmerizing voice. Her simply elegant, New York, London city style is enchanting. It speaks to me.


Colors come and go, but pink has stayed with me through many different shades and has represented very different times in my life. My previous raspberry/hot pink is replaced by a more subtle, elegant shade that is paired with brown and grey and metallic.

designer color palettes


Stay tuned for some new blog posts about the brand in the next few weeks.