Snapshot Studio: your guests, our camera

It’s not an old-fashioned photo booth and it doesn’t pretend to be. Think of it as a portrait station- a place where guests can go to take their own photos. It’s a great way to document everyone that was at the wedding without doing boring table shots or grab and grins. You get great photos of your guests and your photographers have the freedom to shoot journalistically and creatively. Guests love it. They show how creative they can be when left to their own devices. After setting up photobooths at events for over three years, Jennifer longed for a new set-up. Something more reliable to keep those rowdy guests from knocking anything down and fiddling with the camera and something that the guests could use without being supervised. This set-up was designed by an engineer and is sturdy and easy to set up. It’s also easy to transport and is airline-friendly- it has been carted all over the world. Maybe you saw this post about the Engage! Seminar in the Cayman Islands.


We include the Snapshot Studio in many of our wedding photography packages and it is available a la carte or for any kind of event you might be planning. We’ve taken it to holiday parties, birthday parties, corporate events and bar and bat mizvahs. At each event we get an average 100 to 300 photos. We collect email addresses on site and upload the images to a website for ordering and use social media to share the images.


The Snapshot Studio was one of the best parts of our wedding reception! It was a great way to ensure we could get a picture of every guest, and for capturing groups of family and friends in a fun, relaxed way. Our guests had such a great time taking pictures that I don’t think the Studio was empty all night! The Snapshot Studio picture quality is amazing – I cannot tell you how many of our guests commented, “Everyone looks so great in these pictures!”  Many of our guests ordered the Snapshot Studio images as keepsakes, and my husband and I included our guests’ Snapshots in their thank-you notes to make them even more personal. We couldn’t have been happier with our wedding photos, and we consider our choice to work with Love Life Images as one of the best planning decisions we made.” -Kate and Aaron 10/23/2010