The Countdown Begins. Dane Sanders Here in Seven Days!

Love Life Images is the host studio for Dane's FastTrack Photographer workshop February 10-11, 2010 and it's going to be amazing.  If you haven't seen him speak, then you are missing out on something very special. He's considered one of the top educators in the wedding industry.  But, it goes beyond that.  This tour is about how to help you define yourself both as an artist and within your business. Two very, very important componants of success in photography and in this market. MAJOR TOPICS

* The Big Picture in a Tough Economy * The Law of Change * Levels of Leadership * Best Relational Practices * Comprehensive Branding * Prolific Productivity * Ultimate Fast Track Modular Micro-Systems to Streamline Your Workflow * Resources that Ripple Beyond the Workshop * Fast Track Shoot-Out * Commitment: discovering what it will take for you to find guaranteed success

What others are saying:

Dane is a talented photographer, but coming from an Academic background, he’s a also fantastic teacher. But the real value is in spending time with Dane and learning to understand the core of running a REAL business for yourself. I have been in business now since 2001, and I was scribbling notes like a mad person during the workshop. What’s special about Dane is not only is he an artist, but he’s a sharp businessman. Not all photographers are like that, and if you want to make photography your business, its important to learn.

- Jules Bianchi

The Dane Sanders workshop exemplifies everything that I love about being part of this [photography]community. On top of that, just being in the same room as Dane and having access to his unique perspective on life is an experience all in its own. To spend a weekend with a such a group of supportive people, facilitated by one of the kindest most unique people I’ve ever met, was an amazing experience. The “business” part of the workshop focused on many things including: viewing your business from different perspectives, marketing, organizational skills, utilizing the tools available to photographers and so much more.

- Krista of Artessa Photography


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Hope to see you here.  It's going to blow you away.