It’s images like the one above that remind me of just how lucky I am to be doing what I do. I sit in the front row for love’s greatest performance and every time I see it, it inspires me. It reminds me that we are humans, born to love each other and all that is good comes from love. Welcome to the new home of Love Images, wedding photography by Jennifer Domenick. This is my spot for images from recent weddings, inspiring tidbits, and advice for couples. You can view my full website at love.lovelifeimages.com. If you are looking for Love Life Images, you’re not far from it. You’ll find it at www.lovelifeimages.com and it is home to our associate photographers, videographers and full staff. My business partner, Mary Gardella, also has a new home at life.lovelifeimages.com, where you can see all her amazing portrait work. These new logos, websites, and blogs are all part of the next phase of an already fabulous company taking it to the next level. We’re still one big family, and probably even more so than before, we’ve just grown out of our old home and upgraded to a bigger one. We’re excited about all the space we have to fill and even more excited to share it with you.

It’s been eight years since I left journalism and The Washington Post and ventured out on my own -clueless but excited. It’s a journey I would never trade. I love my job and even more than ever, my passion for wedding photography drives me. I still find myself caught up in the emotion of the day and the people I meet inspire me to make images that tell the story of their lives.  I am connected to the couples in a unique way- I get to share and document one of the best days of their lives.  With over 200 weddings under my belt, what I bring to every wedding is my experience. I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve shared with you here and please comment!