Day in the Life 2011

Day in the Life 2011

Sharing Our Own World With You

Dear Readers,

If you know us well, you know what we do 365 days a year.  We document your life & your love.  And you also know how much we enjoy it, too.  If you don't know us very well.  You're about to get to know us more than you thought.

Every year around this season we stop for 12 hours and turn the cameras around to face our own lives.  We love it for many reasons.  We are photojournalists and it's ingrained in our souls.  We can not live without our cameras.  We also understand how important these fleeting, but priceless moments will mean to us years from now.  One year makes a huge difference is so many ways.  It's so great to see how we've grown and changed, even through the daily routines that make up our lives.

This year our theme for the contest was documenting your routines, however mundane or exciting they are.  They make our worlds go round and round.  We all know that without them we would have chaos.  And our lives are hectic enough as it is.

Some of you were inspired enough to commit to the task of turning the cameras on yourselves.  We guarantee you will appreciate it down the road.  You have until September 15 at 3:oo pm to submit your 5 favorite images for our contest. Details are posted below.

For now, sit back and get to know us a little better.

Click on each picture to view the slideshow and enjoy.

Day in the Life 2011

Day in the Life 2011

Day in the Life 2011 Day in the Life 2011

Day in the Life 2011

Day in the Life 2011 Day in the Life 2011

LLI's Videographer, David Morley's Day in Video!

David Morely Day in the Life 2011


Contest Details for Submissions

Please email your photos to on or before 3:00 pm, September 15th. You may submit up to 5 images per family.

Our contest finalist will be posted on this blog on September 16th for voting by our readers.

We will announce our winner on September 23rd!

First place:   “Routines” Session at your home. This will be the kick-off to a new type of session option. yay.

Second place:   Studio Session with our Associates

Third place: $50 Studio product Credit

Now for the Rules:

1. Five photos per entry, per family.  We will not accept entries that have more than five photos.

2. Photos MUST be taken on September 13th, 2011  12:00 am – 11:59 pm

3. Prizes are good for one year from issue date and do not include products or sales tax.