Day in the Life Contest 2012 - September 19, 2012

Every year around this time, we, the photographers at Love Life Images, turn the cameras on ourselves to reveal embarrassing and awkward moments in our own lives. Having a camera follow your every move for a day can conjure a variety of emotions - some find it unnerving, others love the attention - and as photographers, we never want to forget how our clients feel when we enter their private life for the most special of days, when everything is on display. For those who have allowed us to take part and those who will in the future - thank you! Whether you realize it or not, you have given us a beautiful gift and we are forever grateful to you for letting your guard down so that we can capture the true you! We think it's only fair that in return we share a little bit of our lives with you - and trust us when we tell you that not all photographers fall into the group that hate being on the other side of the camera! Every year there are new lessons that we take way from this event, but the overall theme is that there is ALWAYS an opportunity to make a great photo - no moment is too small to be documented and meaningful. For us, this has become a record of how our lives have changed, and this year you are bound to see some differences! Here's a snapshot of photos from last year so that you can see where we were...and (next week) how far we've come.


We also run a contest in conjunction with the event and this year, and in the interest of giving back to our clients, we are going to do it a little differently. Capture images of your life between midnight and 11:59 on September 19, 2012 (all images must be taken on this day - just the same as in the past). Share your images with us on Facebook and then vote for your favorites.  For all the contest details, please vist the contest page on Facebook. The top vote getters on Facebook will receive the following three prizes:

1. First Place (the image with the most votes) is a Social Media Mugshot shot in our Savage, Maryland studio on a weekday OR $150 gift card to Amazon.

2. Second place is a $75 gift card to Amazon.

3. Third place is $25 gift card to Amazon.

Full rules and eligability can be found on our Facebook page.

We hope you take a minute to enter the contest! Can't wait to share a Day in the Life with you!