JVS Lighting Workshop at Love Life Images


Joseph Victor Stefanchik knows what he is doing when it comes lighting.  He travels the country sharing his knowledge and inspiring photographers to take their images to the next level.  And he does it in ONE DAY! How many times have you said to yourself, "this would be such a great image if I had had better lighting."  Well, look no further!  JVS takes the ordinary image and makes it extraordinary using strobes.

And he is coming to Love Life Images to share his knowledge for a one-day workshop August 24, 2010.  You will take away from this everything you need and it will change the way you produce work.  You will no longer fear lighting. Instead, it will be your friend and ally.

This workshop will be fabulous for both location and studio photographers.

Space is limited!

What:  JVS One Day Speedlites Workshop

Who:  JVS Photography (you can sign up here)

Date:  August 24, 2010

Where:  Love Life Images Studio

Why: Because we all want to be masters of our lighting!

Studio Lighting

jvs-orange-county-lighting-workshop-06 jvs-orange-county-lighting-workshop-05 jvs-orange-county-lighting-workshop-04 jvs-orange-county-lighting-workshop-03 jvs-orange-county-lighting-workshop-02 jvs-orange-county-lighting-workshop-01jvs-marc-weisberg-01

Location Lighting

JVS jvsworkshops_js1 JVS

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