Photo Nights for Charity Helps a Child!

A few weeks ago Dennis Drenner spoke at Photo Nights for Charity at our Love Life Images Studio in Savage, Maryland, where we raised enough money to take an at-risk Colombian youth off the streets for at least 18 months. We are writing now to put a name, a face and a story to this youth. Maryam Orozco, age 9, was born on Christmas Day near Medellin, Colombia. Despite such an auspicious start, her life has not gone well since.  Both of her parents have been in jail for drug offenses for over two years, and her grandmother has been struggling ever since to care for the girl and her siblings.  While well-intentioned, the grandmother does not have the authority, the energy or the finances to properly play the role of parent.  Since her parents have been gone, Maryam's older sister, age 15, has attempted suicide, and her 12-year-old brother has been used as a drug-runner by Maryam's shameless uncles.

Clearly, if Maryam continues to live in such an environment, her future does not look bright.  Fortunately though, with the help of the people who attended Photo-nights for Charity at the end of June, the Mana Foundation has been able to step in and start putting Maryam back on the right track.

Thanks again to all who attended and contributed!

For more information about the Mana and a link to make a quick and easy paypal donation, please go to:

Stay tuned for our next Speaker in a couple of months. Visit our Photo Nights for Charity site for updates.