Weddings and Portraits and Videos, Oh My!

Not only are the wedding and portrait side of Love Life Images expanding, but the video side is, too! David-and-Alicia

A little more than a year ago we formally introduced our videography team, David Morley and Alicia Kunz, whom we had already been working with for a year by that time.  We thought that they deserve a little more attention because - well - they're just that good!

Photographs aren't the only way to document the special occasions in your life.  Gasp! yes, I said it: though our Day in the Life project shows just how much we believe that there is something whimsical and special in capturing even our everyday lives through images, there is more than one way to document your lives.  In fact, we feel there is something especially wonderful about hearing the emotion in someone's voice as they speak to or about a loved one.  To have the ability to experience the dialogue that goes along with our most memorable days (as well as the everyday) is just as special.  The goal of Love Life Images videography is to put beautiful images alongside this dialogue in the form of a video that will be treasured for generations to come.

This year, to highlight David and Alicia's talents, we put together a very special DVD promotion that tells a bit more about why we love them and the services they offer. The DVD will be sent to some of our special friends, but here is a look at what we put together.

Love Life Images Love Life Images Love Life Images

You can view samples of their wedding videography at their Vimeo site and via the wedding video for Tiwi and Bryce.