Welcome to Love Life Images New Look

After more than ten years of photographing weddings in DC/MD/VA, today marks a special moment for Love Life Images. Welcome to our new website, blog, and brand! Hours spent soul-searching, deconstructing our processes - how we communicate, how we design albums, how we process our images, and how we package our product for delivery - have all led to this. Our new look isn't just a visual. It's a reflection of a better understanding of wedding photography. Outstanding photography is our raison d'être. It propels us forward and is at the heart of what we do. We believe in timelessness, honesty, and in images with feeling and integrity that will look as beautiful today as when you show them to your grandchildren. And while we're thrilled to be remembered for our beautiful pictures, we'd love just as much to be remembered for the way we made you feel during our time together - informed, prepared and delighted. More than ever, we are dedicated to one thing: amazing photography backed by a fabulous client experience. We're certain that you're going to love this great new chapter for Love Life Images, and we are glad you're here!



Strolling through the park one Sunday afternoon, you can’t help but notice one particular oak tree standing taller, seeming grander than the rest. It breathes the kind of character that only time can instill, the character of a hundred soft snowfalls and summers beneath the sun. Its roots lace in and out of the ground beneath your feet, tracing its rich history in the soil, its strength branching out all around you. This oak could tell a thousand tales of romance, a mighty testament to time and life itself.

Love Life images is an established team of respected wedding photographers, focused on providing a rich experience and finely crafted images. They are renowned for their vast experience and elegant approach. They’ve been recognized for excellence on numerous occasions in the Washingtonian, Baltimore Bride, and countless other publications. Love Life Images uses their vision and unwavering standard of excellence to produce the caliber of product that only boundless passion—rooted in experience—can provide.

Just as a mighty oak can embody an air of rich history and timeless quality, so do we. We capture love in a way that’s built to endure. It is our solid foundation of experience that allows our vision to flourish. We are passionate storytellers, yearning to tell your tale. We are a testament to the kind of class that endures, to a standard of excellence that continues to grow, and to the boundless possibilities of your love.

We are Love Life Images. We don’t just photograph weddings, we document love.