Newseum Wedding: Philip + Kristine

Kristine and Philip looked so beautiful, I knew what I wanted to get their images right. The weather, the locations, the people--everything pointed to a day of good photographic opportunity, and I don't think we let them down. 

Ingrid and I photographed Philip and Kristine largely by tag-teaming the day. We spent a good amount of time going over the details on how to coordinate. Ingrid handled the morning, and we met up at the ceremony location. There, Philip and Kristine were married in a simple, elegant Christian wedding with a whole community of family, friends and church members in attendance. When I saw the wave-like wall behind the church dias, it brought out everything I had heard about water and love--that resulted in a couple of my favorite images, below. 

After the ceremony, we trekked over to the National Gallery of Art for some photographs of Kristine and Philip together, along with their wedding party. The style of that gallery gave me exactly what I wanted to help highlight their own particular good looks. (I must confess, however, that the location was their idea.) Because of traffic, we almost didn't make the gallery before it closed, but we had a plan, and executed it with an efficiency rare for a wedding party. I have to thank everyone for that!

Finally, Philip and Kristine ended up at the Newseum for their dinner and reception. It's a gorgeous location, but for its view and for its interiors. Light plays so many nice tricks inside, it allowed me to make several fine photos of Kristine and Philip. 

Through it all, Philip and Kristine exuded the easy presence of two people who clearly belong together. Thank you for allowing us to be there with you!

Newseum DC Wedding_0001.jpg
Newseum DC Wedding_0002.jpg
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Newseum DC Wedding_0041.jpg

Ceremony Venue: Korean Central Presbyterian Church | Reception Venue: Newseum | Bridal Shop: La Belle Mariee Bridal | Dress Designer: Pronovias | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Makeup: Suhreal Artistry | Caterer: Wolfgang Puck | Reception music: Black Tie Entertainment | Honeymoon location: Bora Bora