1757 Golf Club Wedding: Angie and Derek

Angie and Derek's wedding was simply pretty. Beautiful people, colorful leaves, a good-looking dog, even--and I couldn't believe how relaxed they seemed, even when they weren't. That said, when I first saw Derek that day, he was hitting some golf balls down the driving range at the venue, the 1757 Gold Club. That's a fine way to prepare mentally for a wedding, I thought to myself.

Angie spent that before time getting ready, and as you can see, her dress was perfect. Derek got to see it at the First Look, and we spend some time making photographs on some nearby bridges on the course, and on the paths. It was just the right time before most of the leaves fell, and I liked the white and the blue in their clothes complementing the colors around them.

The reception had an intimate feel, even though the venue was was a big place. The music kept people on the dance floor, which a good live band can really do. And I was pretty happy to see Angie and Derek get up there with the band for some back-to-back dancing toward the end of the night. That seemed like a capstone to the whole evening.

Being a photographer, I enjoy when the people I'm photographing begin to feel like I've known them for far longer when, in fact, it may be only over two or three meetings. Just a couple of weeks ago, I ran into Derek in DC, and it seemed so normal to see him that I forgot that we don't see each other regularly. 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0002 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0003 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0004 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0005 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0006 1757 Golf Club Wedding 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0008 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0009 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0010 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0011 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0012 1757 Golf Club Wedding 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0014 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0015 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0016 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0017 1757 Golf Club Wedding 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0019 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0020 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0021 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0022 1757 Golf Club Wedding 1757 Golf Club Wedding 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0025 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0026 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0027 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0028 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0029 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0030 1757 Golf Club Wedding_0031

Ceremony and Reception Venue: 1757 Golf Club

Bridal Shop: Elegance by Roya

Dress Designer: San Patrick

Shoes: Something Blue

Hair and Makeup: FLOW Blow Dry Bar

Suit/Tux: Joseph A. Banks

Florist: Rick's Flowers

Caterer: 1757 Golf Club

Cake: Bakeshop 

Transportation: Dulles Limousine

Officiant: Bill Cochran, Say I do Your Way

Ceremony music: Anthem, Sam Hill Entertainment

Reception music: Another Level, Sam Hill Entertainment

Invitations: Minted

Honeymoon location: Costa Rica