Free Guide: How to Capture Photos You Can't Plan for at Your Wedding

Storytelling Wedding Photographers Wedding planning means making lots of lists. There are to-do lists, guest lists, cocktail lists, and many more. Then, there's the lists of photos.

You've probably seen lots of lists like these. You know, lists like, “Ten Must-­Have Wedding Photos” for your photographer to capture. Or, “The Checklist for Perfect Wedding Photos.” Lots of magazines and blogs offer tips like these.

And they're helpful, but if you rely completely on checklists, you miss the photos you can’t plan for – the iconic wedding images.

That's why we created a different kind of list – a guide for brides who want to capture photos they can't plan for. After all, they're the ones that are most magical.

Inside, you'll discover:

• Tips on getting the best photos from your wedding

• Beautiful, iconic wedding images to inspire you

• Guidance on selecting storytelling wedding photographers

Please share this with anyone you know who's planning their wedding and wants to capture photos that are unique and unplanned.