Gramercy Mansion Wedding: Nobuko and Michael

I say it time and time again. I just love small weddings. Out of all the weddings I've photographed, Nobuko and Michael's was indeed the smallest! There is something so special about seeing the bare bones of the wedding process minus the fluff. All the people around them, they've known their entire lives. Everyone there was free to cry because who else is looking? The not so formal speeches are unscripted and spoken from the heart.

Some fun facts...Nobuko's dress was passed on from generations past. It was fragile, but in great condition. Nobuko looked so gorgeous. I just really loved their style all around and the Gramercy was the perfect backdrop for it. Also, this isn't Nobuko and Michael's first rodeo. They actually got married in Japan in 2013 and that cute little boy in the photos sporting the radio flyer cart is their son, Hopi.

I truly enjoyed spending time with you and your family. Thank you, Nobuko and Michael, for having me there.

~Elisha Maria

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Ceremony and Reception Venue: Gramercy Mansion

Dress Designer: Vintage dress

Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo

Hair and makeup: Bee Chic Imagez

Suit/Tux: Gant

Florist: Local Color Flowers

Caterer: Sascha's

Cake: Amish Bakery

Invitations: ZAZZLE