Why Choose a Company Over an Individual for Your Wedding Photography?

Before Love Life Images was a team, it was Jennifer Domenick Photography, and I ran my own business- not nearly as well as we do today. Let me explain how that has changed for us and why I feel we are stronger as a team than individuals.

Love Life Images treats you well because Love Life Images team members treat each other well. We meet together, workshop together, push each other, and support professional development with real time and dollars. We can't give what we don't have, so we provide a growing and open environment for staff that is reflected in the service we provide to you.

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Photographers focus on photography. Because all of the work of running the business is taken care of by our staff, photographers have more focus on what they need to do to make great photos for weddings. We provide an excellent support system for our photographers so they are able to properly prepare for a wedding, along with tips on what to ask couples in their pre-wedding meetings.

Shared Resources. The best reason for being part of a team is sharing big items- advertising, studio space, website, blog, support staff and expert knowledge. 

Better customer service. We are on it! Response times and speedy communication are key to making things work in a team environment.

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Faster turnaround on wedding images and albums. Editing and processing wedding images is a time consuming task that requires concentration and focus, along with skills in Photoshop and Lightroom. As an individual, this task was daunting and overwhelming and can result in delayed turnaround times for images and albums. I’m so glad we now have this task shared, not only because it’s good to have several sets of eyes looking at your photos, but it’s one of the best ways we help and support one another.

More combined experience. If one of the team members is shooting at a new location, they typically check in with the other photographers about what they need to know. This internal crowd-sourcing is a great support system. If we have insight on how to light a tricky reception venue, we can share what we’ve done to make it work and build on that knowledge so we are better all around. Having four photographers with a combined 25 plus years of weddings in the DC and Baltimore area, we could probably write an entire guide to shooting weddings here. (hmmmmmmm....)

Shared gear. If one of our team photographers wants to try a new lens, there’s likely to be someone who has that piece of camera gear, allowing us to try before we buy.

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Internal workshops and educational opportunities. We regularly critique each other’s work, quick to point out what we did that was amazing as well as areas we could improve. I’m so thankful for this part of being in a team because when you work by yourself, it’s very isolating and hard to share a creative energy. Most photographers work alone, so this can be a pretty lonely and isolating work experience. Because we are a team, we are constantly connected. We have regular workshops internally to work on things like flash, posing, composition and photographing details. This shared experience is one of my favorite things about Love Life Images.